20 Years Later – The Story of US Lending Company

Dan Conley is known for family. When he founded US Lending in 1998, he built it with a desire to serve the families in the community and create a family culture inside the business. These became the cornerstones of US Lending.

Founded on Family

Before starting the company, Dan worked for several talented–but shrewd–business people in the industry. While the business was marked by excellence, they were mostly motivated by the bottom line and to get the phone to ring. From this experience, Dan felt like there was a better way to do business. He wanted to pursue excellence while maintaining family-centered values. He left this company, taking his industry knowledge, his background in banking, and his desire to create his own company culture and set out to start US Lending.

Creating a Company Culture

While his business concept was strong, Dan knew in his heart that gathering the right people who valued the same business ideals would be the key piece to success. But, it proved difficult. Even though US Lending was succeeding as a new company, it didn’t yet embody Dan’s vision.

He was at a pivotal crossroad. He could build business as usual, or focus on the culture that he wanted to create–people over profit. He chose the former and began restructuring the company around this idea. This established the company culture, one that values and prioritizes people.

Opportunity for Growth

As the industry grew, US Lending’s position as an independent mortgage broker had an opportunity to change. Dan could see the potential strength of joining forces with a larger, regional parent company while still maintaining the tight-knit family culture in the local office. This led to the decision to have American Pacific Mortgage (APM) become the parent company to US Lending, a relationship that resulted in ample opportunity for growth. With this partnership, US Lending became a direct lender with the ability to write and fund their own loans through APM, a strategic advantage that led to significant growth.

Today’s Success

Today, nearly 20 years later, the culture of US Lending continues to be built on the foundations that Dan put in place. The early years required financial sacrifices to invest in people, but today we see the fruit of these decisions by having a renowned reputation within the industry.

For what started as a one-man operation, US Lending has grown into a three-story building with more than thirty excellent, friendly people on staff. Come in for a free consultation, and we’ll support you as a part of our family.

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