3 Reasons to Consider Living in Redding, CA

Redding, CA is situated on the north side of the Sacramento Valley, surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains NorCal has to offer. Redding has also emerged as a hub for culture in Northern California, home to four colleges, young business professionals, dreamers and doers alike. Whether you like coffee shops that feel like San Francisco, or easy access to the mountains–the best of both worlds is here to meet you in Redding.

1. Fish, Boat, Play

Redding paves an accessibility to the outdoors that most NorCal cities do not (from the offices downtown to the nearest state park is only 20 minutes). Redding’s surrounding area boasts two lakes, a national park, as well as a vast array of trailheads and trout. Yes, the Sacramento River splits the east west of Redding and vaunts itself as a top 20 place to fish in the country. Boating is very popular in the Redding area with options including Shasta Lake, Whiskeytown Lake, and the Sacramento.

2. Emerging Culture

Redding is also booming with new business and culture. Many graduates exiting Redding’s four colleges have stayed to build business, and have helped lift the economy of the city. Marketing strategists have eagerly set their minds on marketing Redding’s new, young culture. It has never been said that a town is only as good as its coffee and beer, but it should be. Redding’s “meet spots”, her coffee shops and breweries host young entrepreneurs with vision worth meeting about. Millennials staying in Redding and building culture points to the promise of the city.

3. Cost of Living

Another reason to choose Redding is its cost of living. Housing is 18% below the California average. It is the simple economics mixed with a rural layout that bring families here every year to raise kids in wide open spaces. Cost of transportation, food, and medical all rank lower than the national average. This affordable cost of living is not the case in most California cities, but it is for Redding. Redding is rated overall as one of the cheapest cities to live in in California.

Final Thoughts

With affordable cost of living, emerging culture, and amazing outdoors it’s no wonder Redding continues to grow as a city. Come see why Redding is ready for you.

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