3 Reasons Why Moving to California Will Improve Your Quality of Life

In the past decade, the most prominent reason people give for moving is improving quality of life. That means people are drawn to destinations that have financial, cultural, and adventurous opportunities. These three components are reasons to move to California.

California is Hot – Financially Speaking

Despite CNBC’s recent ranking, which has California 32nd among “business friendly” states, the times are changing.

California led the nation in growth of its Gross Domestic Product in 2015 (4.2%), and according to the Congressional Joint Economic Committee, similar numbers are expected for 2016. Additionally, over a recent 12 month span, California was second only to Florida in job growth.

That’s great news if you’re an entrepreneur or a job seeker. And there’s even more real estate investors joining the scene (if you’re tempted, be sure to avoid these investing mistakes).

California is diverse in what it offers and that diversity grows.  California leads the nation in several key economic areas.  It is the #1 state for manufacturing, technology, capital access, and it is home to the most Fortune 500 companies in the nation.

California, by itself, is now the seventh largest economy in the world. With a GDP of 2.25 trillion, it has recently passed Russia, Italy, and Brazil.

California is rebounding. The buzz is growing into a boom and this is the most exciting reason to move to California right now.

The Great Outdoors

California can offer what few, if any, other states can when it comes to natural diversity.  

Love to surf? There are locations up and down the coast world famous for the breaks they offer.

But surfer or not, California has the beach for you.  From the endless spread of fine golden sand you’ll find at Zuma beach to the quaint, hidden gem you can find at Avila Beach, if you seek a certain type of beach, you will find it.  

Need some water that’s a little smaller?  From fishing, to boating, to water sports, you’ll find your lake in California too.

Northern California cities like Redding are also well known for its mountainous terrain which offers a wide variety of outdoor activities.  Mt. Shasta was recently voted “the most charming ski town in the US” by tripadvisor.  But if you’re looking for a little less charm and a little more adventure, there’s always Lake Tahoe (which has its own type of appeal).

The mountains also provide a seemingly endless supply of hiking, camping, dirt and mountain biking, climbing, kayaking, and world class fly fishing.

Then, of course, there’s the scenery.  Because of this diversity, the views are stunning and by themselves are a reason to move to California.  The mountains, beaches, redwoods, vineyards, cities, and farmland all seamlessly flow together to create vast opportunities for exploration and a change of pace throughout the year.

For the Foodie in You

Year in and year out, California tops the foodie-favorite lists of places to visit in the US and it’s easy to see why.  

California produces half of the nation’s fruits, nuts, and vegetables annually.  With the growing interest in healthy and organic eating, California is able to meet the need for farm fresh produce for the increased farm to table demand.  

Additionally, because of the growing economy, food source availability, and the demand from consumers, California is attracting some of the best chefs and restaurants from around the world.  Wolfgang Puck, Michael Metta, and Alice Waters (among many others) all call California home.  This popularity gives rise to the budding chef to come here and add his flair, and for the foodie to follow.

Perhaps the most exciting reason to move to California is having access to a variety of food styles and flavors.  Whereas some states are known for great seafood or great italian food, California can boast some of the greatest cuisine from any influence.  

In Northern California there is Napa, known for it’s world famous wine production Napa offers a lot for the chewer as well.  French and Italian inspired food is prominent, though Mediterranean and Asian influences abound as well.  

Along the coast, seafood is a staple of the diet.  Offering fresh options daily.

Then of course you have the food truck scene of LA and the mission burritos in San Francisco. You don’t have to go far in California to try something deliciously new.

Still not sold? You can find more reasons to move California and improve your quality of life.

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