The Beginner’s Guide to Downsizing Your Home in Redding


In the history of your home ownership lifetime, you’re likely to upsize your home a few times. Your family gets bigger, your income increases, or you just have access to a larger home due to market prices. Just as your house size can increase, so can it decrease.

Downsizing your Redding home might be brand new to you, you’ve never experienced what it’s like to have a shrink in home size. You might need to save on finances for a while, you might have had family members move out, or a large home is getting to be too much to maintain.

It’s not the same as upsizing your home. You have new challenges to face and a new mindset to get into before you make the move to a smaller home. Where do you start? How do you plan? Who in Redding can help you out with downsizing your home? If you plan on saving money with a smaller home, Redding is a great location to find more affordable housing. Zillow reports home values are at $239,500 and growing at a rate of 9% each year.

Lucky for you we’ve created this beginner’s guide to downsizing your home. Follow along this list to help you plan to move into a smaller living space.

Advantages of Downsizing

This move could turn out to be one of the best decisions you’ve made because there are so many benefits to moving into a smaller home.

You have reduced costs for the energy usage of your home. It just requires less power to heat and cool your home, power the appliances, and keep the lights on. You’ll notice the savings the next time your energy bill comes in your mailbox.

You’ll have less maintenance on the home. You might have a smaller yard, or maybe no yard to care for at all if you move in a condominium. Cleaning and repairing the home will take a fraction of the time as a smaller home just takes less work.

There are also several more options on the market if you’re downsizing. As you move up in house size, your options decrease, but as you move down in size, there are more homes that suit your purposes. You’ll have a slight edge on home sellers because you have more homes to choose from, improving your purchasing power.

Downsizing Guide in Redding

So, now that you’ve made the decision, make sure that you’ve thought about every aspect of the move. Here are a few key parts of the move you’ll have to think about.


If you have a larger home, you probably have a good amount of storage for all your belongings. Make sure that you either plan to reduce the amount of stuff you hold on to, or secure some self-storage facilities in Redding for the larger items you want to keep. Many people proclaim the benefits of reducing the clutter in your life, and this is a perfect opportunity to go through what you need, and what you don’t.


Your furniture might be perfectly suited to a larger home and bigger rooms. You should evaluate what you have that can survive the shrunken space of a smaller home. Sectional sofas and large dining room tables might not fit in a smaller home.

You might not even need large furniture items anymore if you’re downsizing because of a reduced occupancy in the home.  As you choose a home to move into, make sure you have the measurements of your beloved pieces, and don’t just hope for the best.

Once you’ve decided what’s important to you, start selling off the larger items now. The extra income you make from these items can help with the fees and costs of moving. You’ll also realize quickly what’s truly important to you, and what has just become clutter in your home.

Organize and Plan

Use this opportunity to take charge of your clutter and sort it into organized containers and clever storage. You can actually make a smaller space feel larger if you have a good start on how you’ve organized everything. Plan out where mail goes, where the important files sit, where you’ll do work, and where you’ll store winter clothing. A home is well organized when everything has a purpose and a place.

Downsizing your home is a great way to make some savings and to reduce the burden a larger home can put on you. It’s not a step backwards; it’s a normal step people make in their lives. Plan for it, and you’ll love the decision you made to downsize your home.

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