Best Places to Retire in Northern California

California is a hot spot for retirement.

But settling down on the west coast can come with obstacles including cost, transportation, and a high maintenance lifestyle. Want to jump over those hurdles? These cities in the northern section of the state are a laid-back alternative.

Check out these most popular places to retire in Northern California.

Eureka, California

If you’re looking for a California coastal lifestyle without the price tag, Eureka is for you. It’s located in Humboldt County on the Northern California coast, and attracts visitors because of it’s scenery and beaches.

The historic downtown area offers a popular place for lunch and an afternoon 

stroll. At first glance, you’ll notice the Victorian style homes and the rich character of the architecture. This makes Eureka an ideal place if you’re looking to restore a beautiful old home, or simply want to 

walk down picturesque streets.

The median home price in Eureka is just over $260,000, a value that has increased 9.8% over just the past year showing signs of a bright future. It’s not a bad price tag for a city situated nearby the famous Redwood forests, and located between San Francisco and Portland.

Redding, California

Redding is medium-sized city with a few blemishes that have left it largely overlooked. In reality, this could one of the best cities to retire in Northern California.

Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen offer scenic backdrops, and the world-class Sacramento River runs through the heart of the city. There’s several nearby parks and walking trails as well, so if you’re looking for an outdoors and active lifestyle, these opportunities are hard to beat.

Additionally, Redding is the hub for medical services in the region. There’s two elite hospitals, including award-winning Mercy Hospital. Shasta County also offers a wide range of helpful and cost-saving programs for seniors.

When you’re ready to travel, Redding has a regional airport that offers daily flights to San Francisco. The city is also located right off of I-5, with just a two hour’s drive away from Sacramento.

Lastly, the median home price is under $245,000, making it a steal of a deal if you consider all that is has to offer.

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Chico, california

Located south of Redding, Chico is a cultural, economic, and educational center located in the Sacramento Valley of Northern California. It has a population of approximately 70,000, and is especially popular with active adults over 50+.

The city is home to California State University, which brings the city to life with arts and character. The downtown area is certainly worth going to and offers restaurants, art galleries, and live music venues. If you prefer entertainment and food options over outdoor opportunities, consider Chico.

The median home value is $315,000 and there’s plenty of suburban neighborhoods to choose from. There are several large new urbanist neighborhoods, either planned or under construction, including Doe Mill, Barber Yard, Meriam Park, and Westside Place.

Given the value of California real estate, Chico is a modest option to consider.

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