Perks of Living in Redding, CA

Redding. It’s a smaller sized city in Northern California, known for mountain backdrops and its local community. Are you new to the area or thinking about making a move? Here’s a few perks of living in Redding, CA.

Finding Your Next Hobby

Many folks who call Redding home have incorporated a hobby into their lifestyle. With no shortage of outdoor activities, locals are specialists when it comes to things like golf, fly fishing, and hunting. There’s also a strong cycling community in the area. Others choose a slower pace and try their hand at photography, painting, or a local craft. Have you made a trip to Castle Crags or Whiskeytown Lake? Give it a shot and you could find your next passion.

Meeting New People

Many residents living in Redding, CA have been in the city their whole life. But there’s also something unique about the town that attracts guests from all over the country. People passing by on their way to Mt. Shasta, Burney Falls, or Oregon find themselves drawn to the city and decide to stay. Whether it’s in a bar or at church, it’s always surprising who you’ll meet in Redding. More people are discovering the rural town and making it a retreat from their previous life.

Living an Adventure

Redding is far from being just another town. When people live here, they feel like they are a part of something. People share common values and visions of what they see the city becoming. Redding is big enough to have all the stores you need, but small enough to still feel frontier and on the edge of becoming something more. The town offers a sense of adventure that you won’t find in a larger urban city.

Continuing to Grow

Growth. Entrepreneurs. Capitalism. Something that excites people about Redding is the potential for improvement. The downtown area that was once choking is breathing new life, and over the past 5 years this trend has been picking up momentum. New business opportunities are at hand and people are sticking around to see what happens with this commonplace town.

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