Preparing Your Move to Redding, CA

sundial-bridge-redding.jpgWhether you’ve been a Californian your whole life, or this is your first experience of living in California, you’ll going to love it in Redding. Moving to Redding, whether for work or pleasure, is a great decision, and one that makes sense for singles, couples, and families of all sizes. Find out what you need to know about Redding, and how you can prepare for moving here.

What You Need to Know About Redding, CA

Redding is the largest city in the county of Shasta, one of California’s large northern counties. The entire county is named after Mount Shasta one of the largest natural features of this state.

Redding has a population of just under 100,000 which makes it small enough to develop good community spirit among fellow residents while also large enough to provide enough activities and events to cater to anybody here. It’d a good feel for the size it is, and it is friendly and safe for all.

If you enjoy the outdoors, or even if you don’t, Redding’s natural beauty will overwhelm you. The colors, the landscape, and the surrounding hills and forests make this one of Northern California’s true escapes for nature lovers. There are numerous parks within the city and the surrounding districts. Shasta Lake features prominently among one of the favorite destinations of Redding residents.

If you’re more urban oriented, Redding is actually ideally located on the I-5, giving it easy access to Sacramento or San Francisco. Travel is exceptionally simple up north as well towards Portland or Seattle. It’s equally distant to either major municipal centers of Sacramento or Seattle.

Preparing to Move to Redding

So, if you’re coming to Redding for the change of lifestyle pace, to escape the hustle of a big city, or you’re looking for somewhere with ample room to grow and thrive, you need to be prepared for the move. Most people who live in Redding own their homes because they plan on staying here long-term.

Here’s a handy checklist that you can use to help make moving to Shasta County as stress-free as possible.

Calculate the Costs

Take some time before you move to work out a moving budget. It will help guide some of you decisions to if you know how much you can reasonably set aside for the move. There are several little expenses that creep up and it’s a good idea to track and control those expenses. Some costs to watch for include; hiring a mover, moving materials like boxes and tape, cleaning materials for the old and new houses, close-out or opening costs on bills in both homes, and travel costs.

Pick a Reputable Mover

In years past, it was more difficult to pick a mover unless you personally knew of someone who had used them in the past. Now, you can do a great deal of research online before ever making a decision. Find the best mover for you by thoroughly looking at their customer history and reviews online.

Once you find a mover, give them clear and concise directions in writing and over the phone to confirm the details. Know the costs upfront and ensure that the delivery times are well understood on both ends.

Prime your New Home

Make sure that before the boxes arrive, your new home is clean and ready to move in. If you’re not familiar with Redding, it can get quite hot during the summer. Make sure your cooling system is functioning so that nothing gets wrecked in the moving process. You should be ready to move in as soon as your belongings arrive with the movers, so it’s best to allow some overlap time to prepare the home.

Label Your Belongings

To make the entire process easy once you unpack, label your boxes with the rooms they are going to furnish. It makes the process easy once your materials arrive and it makes unpacking stress-free if can easily access something that you need. There’s nothing worse than needing a can opener and scrounging through a dozen different boxes because nothing was labeled before the move.

Meet Your Neighbors

Your key to fitting in and enjoying Redding will be when you can connect with the residents here. A moving truck always attracts attention, so use that to your advantage and get out and say ‘Hi’ to your neighbors.

Moving to Redding, CA will be a great experience if you take the steps to prepare yourself. You’ll love living in a beautiful city in this amazing county. Welcome to your new home.

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