Ready For a Change? 4 Reasons to Move to California

Did you know more people live in California than the entire country of Canada?

From natural attractions to the hub of technological innovation, California is one of the most captivating places to live. People heading west are often drawn by these four reasons to move to California.

Real Estate Trends

Investors. Movers. Millennials. The 2017 real estate trends show promising numbers that are attracting these three people groups. According to research from the National Association of Realtors, we’re likely to see an increase in demand for properties in 2017, and existing-home sales are predicted to reach 6 million this year.  Svenja Gudell, chief economist for Zillow, has also calculated that home prices will increase. Much of this success is attributed to millennials becoming established in their careers, being better qualified for mortgages, and reaching the age of marriage and children. That means more millennials than ever are finding reasons to move to California and are expected to become first time home buyers in 2017. The growing real estate market gives peace of mind to investors and those looking to make the move.

Natural Attraction

Sunshine. Sand. Summer. California’s average temperature is 59 degrees, which pulls people off the couch and to the outdoors. From northern California to the southern part of the state, the landscape transforms from high mountains and redwoods forests, to the foggy San Francisco bay, to the hot climate of Los Angeles. California boasts over 800 miles of coastline. Take a road trip down Highway 1, arguably the most beautiful drive in the country, and find which part of the state is for you. Whether your personality type prefers mountains or beaches – there’s a reason for you to move to California, and something you’ve never seen before waiting to be discovered.

Cutting Edge Culture

Food. Music. Technology. California is known for being on the cutting edge of culture. The significant agricultural industry across the state consists of fresh fruits, nuts, and produce that have made the state a top attraction for foodies. And of course, the wine in Napa Valley is sought after as some of the best in the world. Outside of this craving, technology experts have chosen to relocate to California and make Silicon Valley their hub for innovation. It’s here where you’ll find top Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook – and some of the best jobs in the country. If you desire social prowess and want to be an early adopter on the cultural frontier, moving to California is a must.

California Dreamin’

Live. Dream. Achieve. Since the early settlers came searching for gold in the mid-1800’s, California has represented the hope of a new life. It’s a place where people go to dream, take risks, and come alive. And 200 years later, this characteristic is still embodied by the state. Hollywood has captured the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and rural areas offer a safe haven for those looking to get away. There’s 38 million people who are proud to call this state home. Will you be the next one to find a reason to move to California?

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