Reasons to Consider Relocating to Redding, California

When you think of California, Redding may not be the first city that comes to mind. But that’s what makes it great. This town is tucked away in Northern California, away from the traffic of Los Angeles and tourists of San Francisco. It could even be referred to as a hidden gem in the state–home to only 100,000 people. Those who live in Redding know the city for it’s natural beauty, community lifestyle, and potential for economic growth. If you’re ready for a fresh start, consider these reasons to relocate to Redding, California.

The Redding Lifestyle

The biggest advocates for this city are those keen to Redding’s outdoor lifestyle. The town is centered around the iconic Sundial Bridge, where walking and biking trails offer a fresh breath of air. With other parks in the area as well, you can expect to be active. The Sacramento River runs through the heart of the city, and there’s additional explorations to be made at surrounding areas such as the Whiskeytown Lake, Mt. Shasta, and Burney Falls. Even the ocean is close enough for a day trip.

But you can’t appreciate the fullness of Redding by only driving through the city. Get to know the community. Redding is the type of town where you always see familiar faces and the waitress knows your usual order. Apart from the norm, it’s a small, conservative town that differentiates from the domineering cities in California. Those who call Redding home are familiar with a slower pace and down to earth lifestyle. People come to explore California, but stay for the community

A New Direction of Economic Growth

During the past 5 years, the previously struggling economy has begun to see signs of life and growth. The downtown area has become a place worth going to with new restaurants and local shops. The culture is picking up momentum. There’s been an increase in local business, creative arts, and entrepreneurs in the area. For what used to be a mundane town, these trends are starting to change the hearts and minds of those who have been living here 10+ years.

This growth could even provoke capitalists with a reason to consider investing in Redding. According to, the home value in Redding has increased 6.6% over the past year and forecasts for 2017 are showing continued growth. The median home in Redding has reached a value of $239,600 and looking back to only January of 2014, the median home value was $211,000. These numbers are showing substantial market trends of homes for sale in Redding over the past 3 years and this improvement is predicted to continue.

Thinking about relocating? You’re not alone. The 2017 real estate trends show promising numbers for not only Redding, but the entire US economy. According to research from the National Association of Realtors, we’re likely to see an increase in demand for properties in 2017, and existing-home sales are predicted to reach 6 million this year.  Svenja Gudell, chief economist for Zillow, has also calculated that home prices will certainly increase. Much of this success is attributed to millennials becoming established in their careers, being better qualified for mortgages, and reaching the age of marriage and children.

Some of these trends are happening across the country, but one differentiating factor in Redding is the average cost of living. Redding comes in at 9% lower than the state’s average for that metric. That makes Redding an attractive place to relocate to compared to monumental costs in other Californian cities.

West Coast Culture  

Did you know more people live in California than the entire country of Canada? The average year-round temperature in the state is 59 degrees, which pulls people off the couch and to the outdoors. But there’s more to California than the weather and the 800 miles of coastline–it’s the culture.

Since the 1800’s, California has represented the hope of a new life. It’s a place where people go to dream, take risks, and find a new beginning. It started with early settlers searching for gold, and 200 years later, it’s still a characteristic embodied by the state.

Today, people are drawn to the west coast by the food, music, and technology. The significant agricultural industry has made it a top attraction for foodies. The wine in Napa Valley is sought after as some of the best in the world. Artists, actors, and musicians in California are leading the creative industry across the country. And Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook have chosen to make Silicon Valley their hub for innovation.

California’s culture is a breeding ground for possibilities. This is the secret sauce behind the state that draws people in and can’t be found anywhere else.

If you’re looking to relocate, consider these reasons to make Redding your home.

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