Reasons to Move to Redding, California

At first glance, Redding, California is potentially overlooked as a rural town in Northern California. But it’s demanding attention. Located 160 miles north of Sacramento, this city in Shasta County is characterized by natural beauty, a close knit community, and a refreshing way of life.

If you’re ready for a change of pace, consider these reasons to move to Redding, California.

Explore the Outdoors

The biggest advocates for this city are those keen to Redding’s outdoor lifestyle. The city is centered around the iconic Sundial Bridge, where walking and biking trails offer a fresh breath of air. With other parks in the area as well, you can expect to be active. The Sacramento River runs through the heart of the city, and there’s additional explorations to be made at surrounding areas such as the Whiskeytown Lake, Mt. Shasta, and Burney Falls. Even the ocean is close enough for a day trip.

Live in Community

You can’t appreciate the fullness of Redding by only driving through the city. Get to know the community. Redding is the type of town where you always see familiar faces and the waitress knows your usual order. Apart from the norm, it’s a small, conservative town that differentiates from the domineering cities in California. Those who call Redding home are familiar with a slower pace and down to earth lifestyle. People come to experience California, but stay for the community.

Healthy Growth

During the past 5 years, the previously struggling economy has found new life and consistent growth. The downtown area has become a place worth going to. The culture has momentum. There’s been an increase in local business, creative arts, and real estate investors in the area. For what used to be a mundane town, these trends are changing hearts and minds of those who have been living here 10+ years.

California Location

There’s no shortage of reasons to move to California, but most people can’t afford it. Redding offers a place to live that’s significantly less than the state’s average. Located right off of I-5, you get all the perks of the Northern California region, without the Southern California traffic and hassle. Be sure to keep this rural town in mind when considering your next move.

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