Rustic Design Trends for Your New Shasta County Home

EW8209_USLendingCompany_B7_AA_10.11.2016.jpgIt’s been months of anticipation.

You found the perfect home, made an offer, and closed the deal.

Now, move-in day is finally here, and it’s time to get to work making your first home your own.

You know that rustic design appeals to you, but you’re looking for unique ways to bring some authentic Shasta County charm to your new place.

How do you do it?

Throughout Shasta County and beyond, rustic homes are common, and this article will give you some tips and tricks on taking your first home and making it a bonafide Shasta County paradise.

Read on. How to Incorporate Rustic Design into Your Shasta County Home

Whether your home is big or small, new or pre-loved, these rustic design trends will help make it cozy, functional, and beautiful.

1. Spread nature-inspired pieces throughout the home

Today, rustic design isn’t so much about cabin kitsch as it is a sensible blending of natural elements with modern ones. With this in mind, spread natural elements throughout the home. Think pieces like a live-edge wood coffee table, birch candle holders, bleached antlers placed on bedside tables, and jute rugs. These pieces soften a home and make it a relaxing place to spend some time.

2. Opt for a neutral color palette

Rustic design elements are meant to make a statement on their own, and over-crowding them with noisy paint or excessive patterns is a great way to make your first home feel confusing rather than cool. In light of this, keep your color palette neutral and allow your rustic design elements to speak for themselves.

For example, items like wood or leather furniture look beautiful against a pale cream wall. Feel free to warm up a room with a beautiful butter-colored wall, or cool it down with muted blues or grays, but stay away from bright, shocking colors. While these splashy hues look great in some homes, they often feel distracting in a rustic home, and can actually take away from the entire structure of your interior design.

3. Scrounge second-hand shops for light fixtures

One major tenant of rustic design is lighting. Many rustic Shasta County homes feature antique lighting that adds visual interest (and a warm glow) to a room. To bring this type of charm into your first home, dedicate some time to searching for antique lighting, such as crystal chandeliers or unique brass laps. These pieces will stand out from modern, store-bought fixtures, and will also make your home feel unique and comforting, both now and in the future.

4. Bring some quirkiness into the home with accessories

Rustic design isn’t all work and no play! In fact, this type of style offers a lot of room for the infusion of your personality into the home. Look for pops of color in the form of unique little accessories, planters, or sculptures to place on bookshelves or desks, feel free to dress a sofa up with a cozy wool throw in a unique pattern, or bring in an antique rug in a beautiful, classic pattern to add some flair, personality, and style to your first home.

5. Seek out elements that make the home cozy

During a Shasta County fall, nothing is more comforting than coming to your first home and knowing it’s a place where you, your friends, and your family can relax and kick back. With this in mind, look for things like plush, down comforters, overstuffed furniture, comforting wool throws, and high pile rugs to soften the home and make it an ideal place to spend a chilly fall evening.

Use quilt ladders or wicker baskets to display rolled-up throws and spread textiles throughout the home in the form of rugs, accessories, and art. In addition to making your home highly livable, these steps also make your rustic home an exceedingly comfortable and beautiful one.

Rustic Design Made Simple in Shasta County

Regardless of whether you want your home to be a rustic design lover’s paradise, or simply to feature a few of your favorite rustic elements, like reclaimed wood furniture and neutral colors, these five tips can help ensure that your first home is every bit as beautiful, comfortable, and welcoming as you’d always dreamed it would be.

While there’s always room to adjust your home’s design down the road, these five tips are a great place to start and can help you decorate your new home in a style and fashion that makes you proud to show it off.

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