The Secret Meaning Behind the US Lending Logo

US Lending is a mortgage lending company in the Redding area that serves all of Northern California. Over the past two decades, we’ve worked hard to establish our reputation and the brand of our company.

What is a Brand?

Your brand is the sum of the thoughts, feelings, and psychological relationships that someone has when they interact with your company. Branding is important because it determines the first impression of who you are and what you stand for. It gives your company a personality, and something that people can emotionally connect to.

A good brand also establishes a visual identity. Images such as icons and logos should communicate the company’s beliefs and guiding principles. In US Lending’s case, our brand serves as a roadmap and a guide for anyone who associates themselves with our company.

The US Lending Logo

There are several behind the scenes elements woven into the brand of US Lending. Our icon appears as a simple image, but it’s profound given the depth of all that it communicates.

Each characteristic, color, and stroke was carefully chosen and has a symbolic meaning that evokes a story in the mind of the viewer. Have you ever noticed these hidden elements incorporated into the US Lending logo?

Hidden Elements

1. The Award Ribbon

The top half of our icon was inspired by the bottom portion of an award ribbon. We’ve been lending in Redding for nearly 20 years, and it conveys confidence as being one of the best and most trusted agencies in the area. The lighter shade of blue was also intentional. This color is familiar, intuitive, and it represents the sky above a house.

2. The Military Rank

If you look at the negative space in the middle of the icon, you’ll notice that it creates an arrow pointing up. This design represents progress, momentum, and direction. It can also be seen as an image of military rank, showing authority, confidence, and leadership. These are all characteristics embodied by US Lending.

3. The Home

The lower half of our icon is interesting, positive, and familiar – it represents a home. This was important to include because our company values the dream of homeownership, and helping people achieve that dream. The darker blue color is strong and powerful, and can also be seen as the mountains that surround the Redding area.

4. The Pathway

If you look at the very bottom of our icon, you’ll notice a curved element. This is a winding path leading you home. It’s positive, represents growth, and shows upward movement. One of our goals at US Lending to help our clients find their path home.

Final Thoughts

US Lending has been helping the people of Redding for nearly 20 years. We’ve spent two decades establishing our company – becoming a brand that is confident, always puts family first, and helps our clients accomplish the dream of homeownership. When you think of US Lending, we hope you think of these values.

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