Why Should You Move to Redding, CA?

EW - Article 3 - Redding - Edit.jpgThe culture of this small city is very typical of California as a whole. Though the town is small at just under 90,000 residents, it’s very cosmopolitan. There’s plenty of shopping and fine dining, but still offers a small town feel. This is the perfect place for outdoor lovers who want good jobs.

Redding, CA is where city dwellers go to escape for the weekend. They fall in love with the area and decide to move there to raise their families. It’s the kind of town that is welcoming to all who visit. There are lots of things to do in the area, and it’s a place that outdoorsy types love to explore.

Most of the people who live in Redding lead active lifestyles. It’s a great town to get into local politics. If you want to get involved in the PTA, and environmental group, or an animal shelter, you’ll quickly find yourself welcomed into the fold as a local.

Young families love the wide array of activities for kids. Whether it’s dance and gymnastics or soccer and mixed martial arts that pique your kid’s interest, there’s an outlet for keeping them happy, healthy, and busy.

The Local Amenities Are Amazing

Businesses in Redding keep up appearances nicely. Local ordinances are strict about keeping properties landscaped and clean, which is a testament to California as a whole. Unlike larger cities, the streets in this small city are clean and maintained very well.

Unlike Southern California, Northern California’s temperatures vary widely by the season. Thanks to the surrounding mountain range, Redding enjoys snow and plenty of annual rainfall during normal years. Nearly 35 inches of annual rainfall and additional snowpack from the surrounding mountains feed the Sacramento River and two area lakes with fresh water. Locals participate in all sorts of water sports, like kayaking, skiing, boating, jet skiing, and sailing. Forested mountain terrain makes this an idyllic place to hike.

Not only is the natural environment very beautiful and full of possibilities, there are plenty of outlets for hobbyists, dancers, wine connoisseurs, knitters, weavers, and so much more. This town is full of energy, and it’s waiting for you to come join in on the fun.

Redding is Good for Your Future

This is an up and coming town. Though the recession and drought took its toll on the rest of the state, Redding fared very well. The city seems to be recovered and on the path to continued sustainable growth in business. Job security is good, especially for those who work in education and the medical industry. Current political candidates are pushing for the development of more manufacturing jobs, which could mean even more growth for the local economy.

Six local colleges offering everything from cosmetology certificates to doctorate degrees ensure that fresh high school graduates or those wanting to continue their education as non-traditional students can get a great education. Non-degree seeking students can also find plenty of courses to keep their minds active, too! If there’s a craft that can be dreamt into fruition, there’s probably a class for it in Redding!

Incomes in Redding average nearly $45,000 per year, which is more than enough to pay the average apartment rental price of $847 per month. The average cost of buying a home in Redding is almost half that of the average home across the state. Incomes are high, housing costs are low, unemployment is low, and there are lots of activities to stay busy. All in all, this is one of the best places to buy a home in California.

Why You Should Buy In Redding, CA

Steady economic growth, good schools, a superior outdoor environment, high incomes and low cost of living add up to a great investment for home buyers of any age. There is a wide selection of homes on the market that are suited to families of all sizes and incomes. Whether you’re looking for a studio apartment, a condo, or a single family home, there’s something for everyone in Redding, CA.

Overall, this is one of the best places to buy a home in California. Though home prices are only half of the cost of others across the state, incomes are competitive. The local economy is growing and the culture is welcoming. If you’re looking for a good place to move your family or you want a beautiful place to retire that you can afford, look in Redding!

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