The Home Financing Process In 8 Easy Steps


Getting started on the loan process can be intimidating. The process demands time and energy to learn about all the options, find a lending company that works for you, and go through the application process. However, US Lending make the process easy and will relieve any stress that you have by doing whatever they can to set you up on pathway to success. Here is what the loan process looks like with US Lending.

Step 1

Getting Started

Whether you’re a first time home buyer or looking to refinance, getting started can seem like an insurmountable task. An appropriate place to start is to find information about your options.

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Step 2

Do Research

There are tons of resources online where you can learn about different loan options and loan programs. Understanding your loan options and programs that are available will help make educated choices throughout the process.

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Step 3

Get a Free Consultation

Getting a consultation early on in the process helps you get on the right track and will give you to get professional advice about your loan options and needs.

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Step 4

Why getting pre-qualified matters

Getting prequalified gives you leverage in the buying process as sellers often see it as an advantage. Being Pre-qualified also allows you to move more quickly through the buying process once you find the property you want.

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Step 5

Loan Application

Applying for a loan is easy! You can either come into the office or apply for a loan on our website.

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Step 6

Gather Documentation

Your loan can not be approved until all of your necessary documentation has been received and reviewed. Talk to a loan officer or read our blogs for a list of the required information.

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Step 7

You’re Approved!

After your application has been submitted and you have provided all of the necessary documentation your loan will be approved as long as you meet all of the necessary requirements.

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Step 8

Closing Escrow

Closing Escrow is the terminology of the sale being completed. This is largely the responsibility of your lender to make sure that everything is set up to allow the deal to go through.

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