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When is it a good time to refinance?

Refinancing opportunities are always available regardless of the type of loan you currently have on your property. Whether you have a Conventional, FHA, VA, or Jumbo loan, each of those loans offer you the opportunity to refinance to obtain a lower rate, take cash out for home improvements, or for whatever reason you desire.

If you have significant equity in your home and clear goals in mind, refinancing your mortgage may be a great way to free up some cash.

Do you have questions about refinancing?

Where do I start?
Is refinancing always a good idea?
What does it cost to refinance?
Do I need money out of pocket?
How much equity do I have in my home?
Can I lower my monthly Payment?

Is now A Good time for me To Refinance?

There are a lot of factors that contribute in determining whether it is a good idea to refinance your mortgage. It is important that before you refinance you look at your current situation and how much equity you have in your home. Please schedule an appointment with one of our loan officers to find out if refinancing is an appropriate option for you.

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