Mortgage Resources

Find The Loan That Is Appropriate For You

​An important part of the loan process is to find the loan that is a fit for you. There are lots of different loan options that you can qualify for depending on your income, credit score, and a variety of other factors. Below you can find information about each loan to help determine which loans will work for your situation. We encourage you to come in for a free consultation to discuss your situation and goals so that we can get you set up with the appropriate loan.

​Budget Calculator

Want to stop living paycheck to paycheck? Want to keep on top of your finances? Tired of spending money you don't have?
With our budget calculator you can:
- track bad spending habits
- indentify unnecessary spending
- ensure you're set for retirement
- finally have peace of mind
Click below for more information about our FREE budget calculator! Designed to be easy to use and help you reach the financial goals you've been aiming for.

​Mortgage Calculator

​Our interactive mortgage calculator will make it easier for you to plan budgets and know what to expect before purchasing a house!
It includes an interactive diagram allowing you to visualise where your money is going as well as a handy chart which measures monthly payments over the length of your mortgage.
As you adjust any of the fields the graphs will automatically update in real time. Click here to find out more!

​Case Study

​Despite the fact that everyone is always happy to throw clichés at you such as 'rent money is dead money', we have found that it is a good idea to have some solid numbers to actually refer to. We have put together a situational case study of two people, one who bought a home in Redding in January 2010, and one who decided to rent a home instead.

​Printable Budget Calculator

​Are you finding it tricky to keep track of your spending on a day to day basis? Worry no more! We have a solution. Our printable budget calculator can be placed on your fridge or cupboard and will help make sure you're never feeling left in the dark about your finances. It's simple to fill out and will help you save and secure your finances one step at a time. Click to find out more!

​Understanding California's County Excise Tax

​It is important to understand California's excise tax before purchasing a new home.
Our free PDF document will:
 - Explain what the tax is in a way that's easy to understand
 - Give you some hot tips and exemptions to be aware of
 - Plus county-specific information
Ready to find out more? Click download to access this resource!